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Letter to the Editor: My Two Cents Worth

If Friends of the Plumas Wilderness were intent on actually being FRIENDS they would drop this nonsense of proposing another layer of restrictive, unresponsive, irresponsible layer of bureaucracy on hundreds of thousands of acres of the Plumas National Forest. There currently exists laws, rules, etc. which govern this acreage protecting watershed, wild life, and wild life habitat. This is simply an illegal taking. If this group were actually “Friends” they would direct their caring and collective expertise in establishing a program which would bring together educational institutes that would identify watershed areas and drainages within the Dixie Fire footprint. They could create nurseries that would propagate, grow seedlings and native plants, and rehabilitate these water shed areas in collaboration with the USFS, and other stake holders. These actions would be so much more meaningful and Friendly than their proposal to establish a National Monument when there currently exists a National Forest which was established over 100 years ago. This is being eco friendly not eco-nazi.

Susan Doran


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