Letter to the Editor: Myopic, Unscientific, & Unidimensional COVID/Vaccine Viewpoints

With regards to the latest Letters To The Editor regarding vaccines, it’s too bad that almost no one wants to elicit differing points of view that are actually based in science.  I have many that I have luckily been exposed to, but I’ll limit myself to 2 here for the sake of brevity.
     1.  The so-called COVID vaccine is not a “vaccine” in the old sense of a vaccine.  Children receive MMR/Polio/DPT vaccines in the hopes they will not contract these diseases.  The COVID vaccine does not prevent a vaccinated person from contracting the disease, only hopefully not proceeding to a cytokine storm, intubation, & death.  One could obtain the same result from having a Vitamin D level 50 ng/ml or above which most Americans do not possess because of their phobia of the sun.
     2.  The predominant strain presently is BA.5.  The remarkable news about BA.5 is that people who have had the original COVID & Omicron are not immune to this new strain & are becoming sick from it (Think Fauci & President Biden).  If you get boosted now or receive the vaccine for the 1st time, you are being injected with something that will not in any way, shape, or form protect individuals against this newer strain.  Also, what we are seeing with the new strains is what any competent immunologist will tell you:  viruses mutate & become more communicable but less virulent.
So, hey, how about some real science.  Let’s have a public debate on the merits of the supposedly scientific aspects of COVID research & the vaccine against it.  I am friends with & have read numerous valid scientific articles by MD’s & PhD’s who have a contrasting point of view that isn’t just their opinion but based on real scientific research.  Let’s test this Faucian pseudoscience publicly.  I’m sure an FRC teacher could host the debate there.  So, are any of the local doctors up for a spirited debate?
Jim Cross N.D., L.Ac.