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Letter to the Editor: Needs to end

As I understand from researching the validity of SARS-COV 2, the virus was never extracted from the inside of patients’ bodies in a whole form in order to obtain the full genome sequence.

Rather, virologists derive waste fluids like sputum and mucus, with which they create a culture. And from that culture they identify tens of millions of different DNA and RNA base pair fragments using computer analysis to pick thirty thousand or so base pairs, which are then aligned into a full genome.

This process is based on in silico methodology, which means computer modeled, outside the body. In generic terms, in silico really means simulated, which according to Cambridge Dictionary means made to look like or have the features of something else. Some Merriam Webster synonyms are artificial, bogus and dummy.

Critics of in silico scientific technique want to see the virus derived in vivo, or from inside the body, in whole form, so its genome can be identified as an intact chain, not computer realigned bits and pieces of DNA or RNA waste fragments found in human waste fluids. They then want to see the virus isolated so it can be empirically, and genetically identified.

This is very simple logic, but the agenda driven scientists working by learned protocol defend their pseudo-scientific, germ theory based reasoning. They’ve basically told the computers to create an imaginary genome from a bunch of unrelated genetic waste bits, and presto! Here’s your full, simulated virus genome. Now give it a scary name, make a creepy little CGI image on the computer, and it can even change colors, for no extra charge!

The next step is to use the RT PCR, (which is not a test) to identify a genome which doesn’t exist in nature. And that’s easy, because in this application, depending on how many cycles it is set to, they can get a percentage of “positives” from motor oil, or myriad other items.

The closure of the country, which has resulted in incalculable harm to the harmless while at the same time benefitting the opportunists immensely, needs to end.

Robert Milne

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