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Letter to the Editor: Negligence can be held accountable

Since the Covid-19 mutated to the Delta variant it has become an easier transmission virus. Children seemed to be less resistant to it, in the past few months 30,000 have been hospitalized. 645 of them have died. The unvaccinated don’t want a chemical injected into their bodies, but can they be a contributing factor in these 645 deaths.

Before the polio vaccine was developed 260,000 children died from it in a year. Kids were walking around with leg braces and it wasn’t because of athletic injuries. Educated as we are and with the information published in news rooms it is bewildering at what the excuses are that people use to not get vaccinated and become a threat to public health. When you venture out of your door and out into the public you become a responsibility to yourself and those around you. Contagious diseases can transmit from them to you or vice versa. Negligence can be held accountable.

Duane Vander Veen


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