Letter to the Editor: Nice guy of the month

Many people would agree with me that the best sledding hill is at the top of Buchanan Street in main Quincy. When my son, who is now 31, was at home and before American Valley Community Services District put up its property fence, he and his friends could sled all the way down the hill to Jackson Street after a good snow (Note to CPS, my wife and I stood guard at side streets to make sure no one was hit by a car.). For the last few years, AVCSD has brought their backhoe over and cleared all the way to one of their two large, green water tanks which precluded any useful sledding. To my surprise, I have heard happy families outside my window. I went over and sure enough they hadn’t plowed and AVCSD employees were walking up to check the tanks. Jim Doohan, you are the Nice Guy of the Month. Keep it up because I think we’ll have good snow in February and March an  you’ll be Nice Guy of the Month again.

Jim Cross