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Letter to the Editor: No asphalt plant in Delleker

This is a copy of a letter we have written to Tim Evans, Senior Planner of Plumas County:

Dear Tim,

We are writing to object to the proposed asphalt plant application from Hat Creek Construction in close proximity to the Feather River in Delleker, CA.

The Feather River is a National Wild and Scenic River and is also a major water supplier for California. Having a potential source of pollution so close to the river is unacceptable.

Hat Creek Construction can truck in asphalt from already existing asphalt plants. We have lived here long enough to see road repairs done on Highway 70 without the need for an asphalt plant in the immediate vicinity. The attempt by Hat Creek Construction to build its own asphalt plant in Delleker would only benefit Hat Creek Construction by cutting their costs, but it would provide no benefit for Portola and Delleker. In fact, asphalt fumes, noise, and potential pollution are all we would see.

NO to the asphalt plant in Delleker!


Christopher D Stanton MD and Laura Ashkin

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