Letter to the Editor: NO on the asphalt plant

This is the letter that I sent to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors regarding the asphalt plant:
Plumas County Board of Supervisors, I am a resident and homeowner in the Dellekersubdivision in Portola, Ca. I am writing in to voice my opinion of the asphalt plant proposal right across the street from Delleker Drive. My opinion, this plant should beplaced somewhere else with their own highway access, possibly out north 395 where there are no residential communities and a wildlife habitat. This little community cannot handle the truck traffic coming from a plant like that. There is enough traffic on highway 70 from the smalltown commuters to Reno not to mention the blind spot onto highway 70 from both sides of Delleker Drive. I cannot even imagine smelling that smell of asphalt in the air and have to live with that, making everyone sick especially in the summer, when people are outside trying to enjoy the beautiful weather, the pines, the lakes and Feather River. Our air will no longer be clean it will affect everything including the trees. This plant will ruin this little town and community. The toxicity in the air will affect the health and wellbeing of the people who live here, the wildlife, right down the road is the High Sierra Animal Rescue, how will they keep those animals healthy for placement with that poison in the air. This is a very poor plan as it is next to a wildlife habitat, floodplain and railroad crossing. This plant intends to pull water from Grizzly Lake CSD which already has summer water restrictions. The pond is not a constant source as with dry conditions its capacity lowers drastically and will affect that wildlife as well. Alot of wildlife depends on the pond. Please do not approve this proposal. This will make our area undesirable to live, tourists who frequent the lakes, rivers, Grizzly Lake Golf Course will not want to come here. The plant will lower the property values for homeowners, affect the health of the people and wildlife with that constant smell in the air. If we have a say, I vote NO for the Asphalt Plant in our community.

Andrea Nicole Barnes
Delleker Subdivision