Letter to the Editor: No Panacea


Of course, there is no one solution or remedy for the difficulties people face in life.  I’m sure that I, like you, employ many solutions for the myriad challenges we face.   I mentioned previously that when stopped by the police I comply, and I suggested others try it. I was wrong to try to give advice to others, and for that I apologize. Complying is but one of the many solutions I use in my daily life.  I also comply when I go into any of the many markets and stores that ask that I wear a mask.   My feeling is if the employees are willing to work and serve me during a pandemic then the least I can do is to comply with their wish that I wear a mask.  For me it really is no big deal.  For me it is simply a way of thanking them for their service.  The same is true of complying with law enforcement officers.  The employees of the various law enforcement entities don’t know who I am and they don’t care who I am. Their job, like the employees in stores, is to simply do their job.
I believe that my place is simply to honor their wishes. I belong to a tiny segment of society who do not believe in a single system of living.  Our systems of government, education (K-12), religion, and society leaves many people struggling, and leaves many on the outside looking in.  It’s difficult for some segments of society to share what they have with other segments who do not have much, yet that is not for me to debate nor to try and change.  The focus of my life has been to always ask myself two questions: who am I and why am I here?  Of course, those questions have different answers as we go through life; as we get the education we desire, as we raise our children, and again as we age.  Our sphere of influence when we’re young, and again throughout our lives, can play an important part in how we think, what we think, and how we behave.
I am a person whose approach to life emphasizes my existence as an individual, living as a free and responsible person, and one who can and has determined my own development through acts of my free will. I am neither for nor against much of anything outside of my own life.  I don’t like mean people but I rarely have to deal with them.  As a writer and author of fiction novels I really get to live in my own world.  In many ways I have found that my ideas are a little different than many of the people around me.  I believe in making my life good, and I hope that by making my life good, that will in turn make my friendships and communication with others good.
In the part of Plumas County where I live the people know me and I know them, and I have felt at home for the first time in many years.  While there is some intolerance here there is far more acceptance and more of a desire to live and let live.  I love that.

Peter Skeels

Lake Almanor