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Letter to the Editor: Of course it’s constitutional

Most Americans have no clue that we almost lost our democracy. The bloody terrorist attack on the US Capitol was an attempt to overthrow the democratic government of the United States of America. It would be no different if a foreign country, like Russia or North Korea, stormed Washington DC and assassinated the VP, the Speaker, and other Congress members, and declared the USA as theirs as this is exactly what the Republicans tried to do.

Let us never forget that, on January 6th, 2021, the Republican President, Republican Senators and Representatives, Republican operatives, and citizen Republicans committed treason against the USA – the highest crime that can be committed against our democracy and Americans.

The Democratic Party rightly voted to impeach (for the 2nd time) the seditious President Trump for his treason. The Democrats must also expel Senators Cruz and Hawley for their public sedition leading up to the insurrection, and the 148 Republican Representatives, including Representative LaMalfa, who voted to nullify the election results of certain States. Some Republican Representatives in the US Capitol even gave Congress member location data to the Republican insurrectionists and held private detailed tours (reconnaissance) of the Capitol the days before the insurrection.

The House formally sent the impeachment pronouncement to the Senate where Republican Senator Rand Paul forced a vote to determine if this impeachment trial is even constitutional. Of course it is constitutional as it has happened before and it only makes sense. Saying it is unconstitutional means a president can commit any crime in the last days of their presidency and get away with it.

Every Democrat voted that this impeachment is constitutional while 90 percent of the Senate Republicans said that a president committing crimes against the US is ok in the last days of their presidency.  Obviously, Republicans believe committing crimes is ok – and that is the very way they run their party.

We now know how the Republicans will vote on Trump’s 2nd impeachment – they will acquit. Criminals protecting criminals…

This isn’t the first time America’s right wing terrorists committed treason against America. The American Civil War was started by the Republicans of their day because they wanted the right to enslave other human beings. Let that sink in and realize this is their desire even to this day.

There cannot be any trust, respect, or unity with those who attempted to destroy our democracy. There are already national security reports that Republicans will attempt the destruction of America again. Those traitors who attacked America, including Republican holding political office, must be held liable for the crimes they committed. And the citizen Republican must abandon their seditious tendencies.

Only then can there be unity in America – if it is even possible.  And no, America’s political parties are not two sides of the same coin.

Mark Mihevc


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