Letter to the Editor: Once you get rid of us …

I have always believed that even if you feel drowned out by louder voices or over-powered by bullies,  your silence only empowers them. The silent majority can no longer be silent if this country is to survive. For those of you that are on the opposite side of the fence. Those of you that  believe this nation’s constitution is outdated and therefore this nation should not survive. You have had more than your say. Listen, for once, to a difference of opinion. It is only a difference of opinion. It is not a reason to go ballistic again. If in fact you are the majority, you will get what you [think] you want.

Our country is truly being divided. A division fueled by major differences of opinion as to how much our government should do for us. Are a nation and its people healthier with capitalism or socialism?  Can bigotry be over-come by “reverse bigotry”? Do entitlement programs uplift people or hold them down. How much is too little government regulation and control and how much is too much? Do we need borders? Where does freedom fade through complacency, and ignorance, and “stealth” socialism take hold?

Was Abraham Lincoln completely wrong when at Gettysburg he solemnly spoke these words; “that this nation under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Will, “we the people” choose to not have the freedoms our ancestors cherished and died for. Will this nation perish from the earth?  Or will “we the people” have “a new birth of freedom”?


Seems to me the unfiltered hate the loudest voices had for the previous President and the hate those same voices have for this great nation is fueling changes that will have a multitude of unintended consequence.  Severe and most likely irreversible consequences.

This nation is still great. “We the people”, “the silent majority”, need our collective voices heard to end the irrational and destructive actions of the few who scream the loudest, but do the least good.  Yes, they do the least good. They do divide. They do think of themselves as righteous. They do believe no opinions other then their own are valid. They believe charity does not start at home, but rather starts and ends with government. They believe in indoctrination of our children. And to what end? To end critical thinking. To end opposition.

This what I hear from them.

Decry bigotry, but practice bigotry. History proves beating down one race to uplift another does not work and is the definition of bigotry. Yet, this is what is happening right now.


Call others hateful [and worse], but openly, loudly, and publicly hate anyone with opposing views.

Call themselves community activists or organizers but are [in all reality] hate mongers and racial dividers. Some even profiting from spreading hate.

Demand the government have hand out programs but personally have no charity. Yes, it is true. They have no meaningful charity. Prime example: If Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders [and cohorts] truly had any amount of empathy for the poor and truly thought division of wealth was fair and just. They should and could have liquidated their wealth. Moved into a 1600 square foot home. Given all their millions or billions to “distribute the wealth”. Worry about retirement like the rest of us. Instead, they believe this is the government’s job and they are not willing to be even “middle class” to support the “cause”.  Why is it, that all the very wealthy, who became wealthy and remain wealthy through capitalism, only support socialism [or at least massive social programs] with other people’s money, mostly by over taxing the working class.

Why is it the wealthy media and mega-wealthy tech giants who have never been elected by the people: Control the narrative we hear and see. Block free speech “at will”. When they are not outright lying are suppressing crucial parts of the story. Why? Because they believe they are the “ruling class”. For that reason, they support politicians that do not challenge their “right”  to be the “ruling class”. They retain their “ruling class” status by holding onto their wealth. Patting themselves on the back when they give a miniscule part of their wealth to charity. Seems they believe “giving” should never reduce them to a lower social class. And it never does.


Most of us working class Americans are the most generous people on this earth. We support charities. Our communities. Our churches. Our friends. Our not yet friends. We could and would do more, except for the fact this government believes it is better at charity then us. Taking a huge percentage of our earnings through seen and unseen tax after tax. When will we say, enough is too much? Let us do what we are far better at than the government and these “elected” and “not elected to anything” hypocrites. Leave us more money in our paychecks. Less taxes equates to more charity from us and less wasteful government programs. Always has, always will.

For those of you hard working, good Americans that are either convinced through one sided information, brow-beaten into submission, shamed into submission or just find it easier to agree with those that hate this country. Stand up now. Let your voice be heard. This great nation needs to know who is for our freedoms, our morals, our just way of life and those that are not. Although imperfect, this great nation is more perfect than all others with the potential to get as close to perfect as human failings allow. Your silence empowers those that hate this nation.

And for those that wish for this country to change. The government to do everything for you. Entitlements for all.  To think your hatred and bigotry [reverse bigotry?] will solve all the problems. To believe somehow, if you stand with the “ruling class”, they will welcome you in. [Note: they will never let you in].

Those that believe so called  “social justice”  can be legislated. And why is it, a man [who certainly did not deserve to die] in Minneapolis is called a “hero” for “social justice” when in fact he was a criminal and a thug. The word hero is defined as “a person of exceptional quality, extreme courage and a role model”. Yet this man is the face of “social Justice”. Unbelievable that this is the best they can come up with. Speaks volumes about “social justice”.


If we follow this path, you may get all you wished for. What you wished for will end this nation. What you wished for will someday end any resemblance of freedom for all of us.

And stop typing. You have had more than your say. If you get your wish, people like me will be “removed”. And at least for the short term, you will be ecstatic with the feeling of power. Once you get rid of us, those in power will no longer need you. Good luck!

Craig Browne