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Letter to the Editor: One lane in each direction through Portola preferred

The Caltrans proposal to convert Highway 70 to one lane in each direction through Portola would be a positive improvement to Eastern Plumas community, business, and transportation network. I frequently see cars weaving in and out of traffic in this area. This plan would improve predictability and discourage dangerous, aggressive driving and speeding that puts kids at risk.

Other cities have carried out similar “road diets” successfully. Traffic is calmed, businesses boosted and injuries and fatalities are reduced (including kids on their way to school).  A narrower highway is also easier and less intimidating for kids, seniors, and those with disabilities to cross, making 70 less of a barrier for those on foot, bike or scooter.

Caltrans should also add drainage culverts/under-crossings for wildlife along 70 – this would improve safety for road users and wildlife alike.

Josh Hart

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