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Letter to the Editor: Open Letter from Resigning Indian Valley Chamber Member

   It is with great humility and some relief that I, Jeff Titcomb, will resign my position with the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce, and I will not seek to be a part of the newly forming Board of Directors.

   My health challenges have prevented me from being as productive as the Treasurer/Secretary in the past few years as I would have liked to be.

   I am thankful for the opportunity to have served the community for the past decade or more in many ways as a treasurer, secretary, and as a  volunteer. It’s been rewarding and challenging, and I am pleased to say that I have contributed my best efforts to promote commerce, increase tourism, and recreation, and jobs in beautiful Indian Valley of Upstate California. I, and my fellow board members, have organized and volunteered for many activities and events over the years, and volunteered time and funds to make sure that events were as successful as possible. I was part of the organization when we had an annual budget of more than $105,000, many events, purchased a parcel in Greenville on Pine Street, and developed plans for an office building/conference center to be built on that lot. I feel like we accomplished quite a lot for such a small business community. Unfortunately the budgets decreased over the years and some of our profitable events fell short of the goals we set for them. Even worse was the Dixie Fire that destroyed 76% of the Greenville community.

   The Chamber was insured and I continue to follow-up on the balance of the claim that still needs to be finalized in the coming months. I am limited as to how much more I can continue to contribute to the organization as my focus has to be on my physical well-being. I was part of the decision to create those unique and substantial “welcome to Indian Valley” stone signs at each end of the valley. I am proud that they are very attractive and built to withstand the test of time, if they are properly maintained.

   It is my hope that the organization continues to move forward to possibly build on the Pine Street parcel. I know that the building design created offers sustainability and usefulness for the Chamber and the community. The signs at each end of the valley are treated for weather and anti-graffiti, and are well-maintained to last for years to come. Those signs will need to be permitted every other year and insured every year that they exist on the right of way next to the highway.

   Each year donations were made to the local food bank in support of their mission from the Memorial Lights sales each December. There were so many traditions that I felt we needed to support, even if some of the funding for it came from our own pockets. I hope that new board members will continue to support some of those traditions and events that made living in Indian Valley so special and rewarding.

   I wish you good luck and pray for your success. May you find the work rewarding and that you might serve the community with gratitude and humility.


Jeff Luke Titcomb

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