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Letter to the Editor: Out of touch

I am astonished that Fifth District Supervisorial Candidate Garner somehow turned a discussion about the County’s long-standing issues with recruiting and retaining employees into a conversation about buildings.  It strains credulity and suggests how out of touch she apparently is.

Mr. Hollister was not talking about a short-term problem generated by overcrowded office spaces. In my own experience as a former County Department Head, I can relate to the systemic problem Mr. Hollister points to:  Plain and simple, it’s compensation.  Plumas County’s compensation rates have historically not been competitive.  And when you aren’t competitive, you won’t retain the otherwise good, hardworking employees who make the County run.

Ms. Garner suggests she has done some research.  Here’s a suggestion.  Hire a consultant to do a compensation survey of comparable counties and commit to utilizing the results to fairly compensate County employees.  That should go a lot further than turning lobbies into offices.

Elliott Smart


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