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Letter to the Editor: Pick up High Country Life and read about PAWS

I want to thank Feather Publishing and writer Debra Moore for the lovely article on PAWS that appeared in the September edition of High Country Life magazine (the one with the sunflowers on the cover). This beautiful 2-page spread details the organization’s history and purpose, from my founding of it in 1999 through the present.

The occasion of this article is my retirement as PAWS’ chief officer after almost 25 years of service. I was honored beyond words by this beautiful tribute to PAWS, to me, and to the many volunteers who make our work possible.

To anyone who hasn’t yet seen the article, you can still pick up a copy of High Country Life at some of the stores around town, the library, and of course at Feather Publishing’s office on Lawrence St. in Quincy.


Stephanie Leaf

PAWS Founder & Director Emeritus

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