Letter to the Editor: Planned Delleker Asphalt Plant Site is Sensitive Habitat

We visited the proposed site of the asphalt plant in Delleker on Sunday and took photos that are now posted to the Feather River Action! website along with some initial analysis of the flawed environmental document. We observed an impacted area closer to the railroad and rich, healthy habitat along the river, including frogs, nesting birds, and pollinating insects. As you will see if you click the link above, professionals make a (rather good) living lying to the public about impacts. We refuse to be gaslit with misleading information when our own eyes clearly show the opposite. No asphalt plant on the river! Write to [email protected] and tell her we will not allow this travesty that conflicts with numerous laws and goals for protection of the beautiful Feather River. If you care about clean water, clean air, peace and quiet, or the economic value of tourism, please get all your friends to do the same.

Josh Hart