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Letter to the Editor: Playing them for suckers

As I drive around Northern California and Nevada, I notice Trump and American flags flying happily together.  It kind of reminds me of a religion. I believe the Trump thing has gone beyond being a cult to being a religion.  Trump never was religious, and his behavior indicates he eschews those beliefs advocated by any Christianity that I understand.  Except, perhaps the prosperity gospel, which is the antithesis to the teachings of Christ.

Trump’s fanning the flames of insurrection and promoting an absolute lie regarding his loss of the election are an important belief of his congregants. Somehow, I think he is playing his followers as lambs being led to the slaughter.  A less politically correct way of putting this is “playing them for suckers.”  After being defeated in the election he plays these poor folks for money for his “re-election fund” his “defense fund” and then he tries to play the victim.  This would be funny if it were not so tragic. How he pulled this off is what befuddles me.  We know before 2016 he had cheated workers, his wife and other women, gone bankrupt several times, and paid a 25 million dollar settlement for his fraud of Trump University.

And as the conservatives are pretending to be victims of poor people, the Democrats are passing laws to strengthen our Democracy and extract us from another Republican economic catastrophe (funny how these financial ruins always work out well for the wealthy, you’d think they planned them).  One thing the Dems are doing is strengthening private pensions in the recent recovery plan.  This will help working people… a lot!  NO HELP at all from Republicans, not one Republican vote to help ordinary Americans.  Why does anyone vote for Republicans?  Oh gosh!  I forgot to mention the insurrection and the Republicans ignoring the public health professionals which gave us 500,000 American deaths.


Don McKechnie

Sierraville and Sparks


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