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Letter to the Editor: Please Vote NO

Governor Newsom took office in January 2019. The first of seven, yes seven recall petitions began immediately after his inauguration, with planning obviously starting before he took office. Republicans didn’t even give Newsom a chance. This recall is not grounded in honesty, integrity, or righteousness rather it is a rightwing dictatorial power grab.

One writer who responded to my letter actually wrote “…we lost California…and unless we take back the power that is rightfully ours, we will lose the country.” Rightfully ours? Republicans apparently believe that all power resides with them and they have a ‘right’ to control not only California but the country as well. They actually believe that.

Their ‘my way or else’ attitude is further proven by the Republican Party Insurrection of January 2021 where we came a whisker away from these Republican terrorists taking complete control of our country and ending our democracy. This isn’t the first time. The insurrection of the 1860’s, the Civil War, the rightwing (called Democrats then, Republicans today – get it now genius?) sought to end our democracy and to own and enslave humans.

Governor Newsom has actually passed a tremendous amount of excellent legislation and policies that help all California residents and businesses. California has administered the most COVID-19 vaccine doses (46.9 million) of any state. California’ 7-day average is down to 26 COVID deaths compared to Florida’s 238 deaths. That proves what a Democratic governor can achieve compared to a Republican governor.

Newsom has provided $600 cash payments to 6 million Californians in need; provided millions in fee relief to businesses impacted by COVID; a $2.6 billion grant program for small businesses; enacted police reform legislation protecting victims of police abuse; and made community college tuition-free for first-time students. This is just a very small list of many excellent laws and policies Governor Newsom has enacted just in 2.75 years.

Democrats and others who want our state and country to remain a democracy – you have to vote NO on the Newsom recall. Newsom is doing a great job as our governor and if a Republican prevails, s/he will destroy our state just like all Republican governors are currently doing. These Republican governors are cutting funds for unemployment and actually letting their children die because they don’t believe in masks or vaccines for their constituents. Most Republican controlled states, especially in the south, have overflowing hospitals and more current deaths than any other state.

Please take 10 minutes of your time, vote NO on the recall, and make sure the great State of California remains Democratic. Our health, wealth, and prosperity depends on it.

Mark Mihevc


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