Letter to the Editor: Plumas County leads the way

I read in Plumas News today that the Feather River Tourism Association is seeking funds to make a video that will “highlight…the attractions Plumas County has to offer…”

I certainly hope that among these highlights the video includes the fact that Plumas County leads California in the spread of coronavirus infection rates. This is indeed a distinction.

The video could include a lovely shot of the graph showing the steep upward slope in the number of covid infections in the county over the past several months. It could show the widespread failure of local businesses to enforce the mask mandate issued by the county public health department.

This could be illustrated by an eye-catching collage of the many unmasked faces gathering in small indoor spaces. Maybe a recording could be included of our board of supervisors rejecting a requirement that our health care workers get vaccinated.

I’m sure all of this would be attractive to that segment of the population that still rejects the idea that they should get vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities. Plumas County could even attract anti-vax conventions and events. Think what a boon to tourism that would be.

Why, with just a little effort, Plumas County could become the Covid Capitol of the Continent. My congratulations to my fellow Plumas County residents who are working so hard to achieve this honor.

Stephanie Leaf