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Letter to the Editor: Priorities

Letter writer Kathy Wickman is right on the money, pun intended, when she asks of the county supervisors, “Where is the money going?” When she states that “Maybe it’s more about the priorities we as taxpayers commit to, that need to be reviewed,” she has hit the nail on the head. Since the board doesn’t seem to have a budget (How can that possibly be?), they seem to have no awareness of priorities and just willy-nilly throw money here and there. Priority setting should be, well, a priority, right? Spending hard earned taxpayer money should be a thoughtful, carefully considered act. It doesn’t or shouldn’t take much thought to understand that law enforcement is top of the list in any community. The board needs to get its act together and support our Sheriff and his deputies and staff and by extension the people of Plumas County.

Brenda Lantow


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