Letter to the Editor: Putting their live on the line for us

Fifty years ago, I was recruited to assist battling a fire in the Feather River Canyon and being camped at Injun Jim Campground. The journey up the mountains in the canyon to build the fire line took considerable time and energy as we carried all supplies with us. As a volunteer, I was assigned to an organized group of  trained firefighters:”Los Diablos”. After a day on line, we were fed great meals prepared and served by inmates. However, for us rookies, our energies drained, sleep was the major goal.

As the fires in Plumas continue, I think  of the dedication and commitment of these outstanding individuals who literally are putting their lives on the line to protect us and our beautiful forests and wildlife. We owe each of these 4000+ individuals our thoughts and prayers.  Many thanks!

D.H. Sperbeck