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Letter to the Editor: Quincy Elves are here for you

We know many of you and your friends and neighbors are affected by Covid-19, and we want to help (remember, the Christmas spirit is a year-long event!). If you are sick or quarantined, or if you know someone who is, and would like a no-contact meal delivered, send us a message! At the same time, if you would like to gift a meal to someone at home, message us also. You will remain completely anonymous, and your donation will mean the world to someone in our community.

Being sick, or exposed to someone who is sick, can be a lonely endeavor. We want to make sure all our citizens know they are loved and cared for while they stay at home. Your donation will also help support local businesses in what will be a challenging holiday season. Please help us spread the word!!

To sign up to make a donation: Message us on Facebook that you would like to donate a meal. We will contact the restaurant to make contactless delivery arrangements and we will let you know where to make payment.

To sign up to receive a home delivery: Message us on Facebook that you would like a meal delivered, and also tell us if you have children quarantined in your home, and how old they are (for gift reasons).

Find us on Facebook: @quincychristmas2020 or email [email protected]

The generosity of this community runs deep, let’s support our elves when they need us the most!

With much love,

Your Elves, Cindy Lou Who, Ralphie, Scott Farcus, Buddy, Jovie and The Gingerbread Ma’am

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