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Letter to the Editor: Regarding the CHP letter

In response to Gary Bryant’s complaint regarding CHP officers.

Not writing to debate your feelings regarding the CHP and most likely will not be able to sway your opinion of the officers.

To the rest of you. Often, officers will pass your vehicle to alleviate the anxiety some drivers get when being followed by a police vehicle. Not noticing the CHP overtaking you until after the pass may make you angry, but they are far better trained drivers than the rest of us, so be assured the pass was safe.

It is entirely possible there were factors you are not aware of:

Listening to radio call from another officer or sheriff deputy and just trying to move closer [faster than following you] to the location, just in case.

Being ahead of you lets them be seen easier by on-coming traffic, giving them a better presence, which tends to help most of us more closely obey the traffic laws and reminds us to drive safely.

Allows the officer to more easily witness any unsafe driving coming at them.

The CHP, as all law enforcement agencies, has a difficult and sometimes impossible balancing act between serving the public and protecting the public. Remember, the CHP does far more than traffic enforcement. The job entails all aspects of law enforcement and all the inherent risks.

And, if you haven’t noticed, a large number of California legislators have taken a stance that is anti-law enforcement. The new administration also seems to be far less supportive of Police. Some previous statements from the current VP have been completely anti-Police, including advocating defunding.

When was the last time you had a conversation with one of the officers and let them know how much you appreciate the work they do. Keeping the roads safer. Keeping your family safer. Your friendly jester may be all it takes to make them feel just a little bit better that day. You will walk away feeling better also.

If you feel you have a valid complaint, take the time to visit the CHP office and talk with the Lieutenant. You may get a better understanding of the situation or actions of the officer. There may also be the possibility for you to address your concerns directly to the officer. A little conversation usually makes for a lot of understanding.

Next time Gary, stop complaining and try communicating.

Craig Browne


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