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Letter to the Editor: Regarding where Jane Braxton Little’s article was published

Jane’s article was a true tour de force.  Where the article was originally printed is also a site that is a tour de force.  I have read 3 articles/week, for free, since 2003.  I have gained incredibly useful information that is absent from the conservative/liberal media.  What is happening in our country isn’t about left & right or democrat & republican.  For me, it’s about a corporate kleptocracy that rules our country & continues to rule the old-fashioned way:  divide & conquer.  Tom’s writers include ex-military, academics, & former government officials.  So how about going to http://www.tomdispatch.com, register for free, & begin to educate yourself about what is really happening in our country & our world.  Below is an edited version explaining the site.

In the 18 years since, TomDispatch has regularly published three original articles weekly on subjects ranging from the American way of war and this country’s “forever wars” to economic inequality to the climate crisis. It has served as a syndicated source for websites ranging from Alternet and Common Dreams to the Nation magazine and Salon.

Under the auspices of the Type Media Center, the site continues to feature Tom Engelhardt’s regular commentaries on U.S. foreign policy and the original work of dozens of the best journalists, essayists, and public intellectuals around today, including Andrew Bacevich, Rebecca Gordon, Karen Greenberg, Adam Hochschild, William Hartung, Ann Jones, Michael Klare, Alfred McCoy, Rajan Menon, Nomi Prins, and Liz Theoharis, among so many others. Nick Turse, who also writes for the site, is its managing editor.

For the past two decades, TomDispatch has regularly featured the work of former government officials, whistleblowers, and other iconoclasts. The site regularly features the critical commentary of military veterans and critics of America’s “forever wars” of several generations, including Bacevich, William Astore, and Danny Sjursen.

In an era marked by the demise of iconic newspapers and online outlets, TomDispatch has been a continuing feature of the independent media ecosphere, outlasting scores of former collaborators and competitors alike. Devoted to well-crafted, longform writing and typified by tough-but-measured commentary and hard-hitting reporting, the site follows in the tradition of old-fashioned American muckraking journalism and iconic publications like I.F. Stone’s Weekly.  It continues to publish, without fear or favor, in the public interest, beholden to no editorial constraints, political party, or ideological orthodoxy. TomDispatch remains and will always be “a regular antidote to the mainstream media.”


Jim Cross

Quincy, CA

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