Letter to the Editor: Remember what we are celebrating

Like many of our three-day weekend holidays, this one is specifically to honor a person or group of people. We honor our war dead on Memorial Day, on Veteran’s Day we honor all of those who have served. Labor Day is set aside to honor the workers of the country. On Monday we are asked to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King’s family has asked that we devote the day, or part of it, to service to our neighbors, community, and country. This year they have asked specifically to honor Dr. King by promoting voting rights. The US Senate will be in session to vote on a new version of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

I know that there are rumors flying about how dangerous this bill is. I think here in Plumas County we can put those rumors to rest. There is nothing in the bill that would make it easier to vote anywhere than it is in Plumas County. For years Plumas County has had exceptionally free and fair elections with some of the easiest voting in the country. I admit that they are fair and honest elections despite the fact that no one I vote for ever seems to win here.

Let’s support allowing everyone in the country to participate in the same fair and honest elections that we have here in Plumas County. It works. (And thank you to our current and former County Registrars.)

Darrah Hopper