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Letter to the Editor: Reproductive choices are vast

I am writing in response to Faith’s “Women’s Rights” letter. I am personally disturbed by the notion that, “husbands and wives will not be able to decide the size of their family.” Why not? If we are so evolved how about a little planning? Have you spoken to a family that has killed their baby in the womb of a loved and loving mother?

Women’s reproductive choices have never been more vast, available, and free! This is more than political, this is spiritual. This is a time to really listen to what we are saying we want to do with babies. Do we love them and welcome them? We were them.
Thank you for letting me know about the candidates’ beliefs. I will be cheering on women to make strong choices for their bodies and also lifting up the fathers who also have a say.

Rape and incest are horrible atrocities. How about let’s kill those guys, instead of letting them out of prison?
Women, you are strong. This is not about rights, but about what is right. You have a magic that can not be voted away!
With love to you all.

Laura Kearns

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