Letter to the Editor: Research the facts, then form an opinion

I am able to not only express and form my own opinions, I am also able respect the opinions of others.  But, opinions are hollow without facts to back them up.

I was taught [and do] research from multiple sources, multiple opposing sources.  Seek out facts and truths.  Look for the entire story.  Read or listen to the entire statement, instead of edited versions whose only goal is a specific agenda and not the truth.

I urge you to: Study our history as a nation. Study how we became a nation. Study how and why our founders came up with, not a perfect, but at least a more perfect union [than this world had ever and has ever seen] via our constitution. To look at the times and not judge the actions of the past by Todays’ standards. To see how we have grown, not only as a nation, but as people.

We, as a nation, are in trouble, deep and serious trouble, when we fail to look at all sides and seek out the truth prior to expressing an opinion that either praises or condemns any elected leader. That praises or condemns our history without putting the times into context. That praises or condemns our way of life. That praises or condemns the our nation.


I love to read the “Letters to the Editor.” I rarely 100% agree or 100% disagree with many of the letters. And, differing opinions are not something that should tear us apart.

However, many of the current letters are clearly opinions formed from single or one-sided sources. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a “clear and present danger” to the freedoms our founding fathers and our ancestors fought and died for.

If you form your opinions from a one-sided media, from one-sided friends, from a closed mind. From one side of the political arena. If you cast your vote by pre-conceived biases. You are not only dangerously ignorant, you may be [unwittingly] contributing to the downfall of this nation.

So, if you want to continue the freedoms you should cherish, stop condemning this president and praising the next until you have actual facts.

Turn off the mainstream media and research the facts. Do not expect to get all the facts from any one source. For reasons that cannot be logically explained, most of the media has not only left out facts, only told part of the story, but have [yes] flat out lied.


And these false stories have fueled an all out assault on the current president without any factual basis.

Please, do not take my words as facts.

Put in the effort and the time [yes, it will be far more time consuming and far more difficult than listening to some news program or reading a post] to find the real story. To find the truth. To find the whole story. If you do put forth the effort, I guarantee it will be worth the effort. I guarantee your opinion will change with the truth. But, you will need to open your mind and put aside what you have been told. Put aside biases.

Opinions based on ignorance are not opinions, just ignorance.

Ignorance is only lies covered up but lack of knowledge and facts.

And stop screaming!  No reasonable and person capable of independent thinking should be angry over someone asking them to seek out the truth. If you are angry, stop, breath, think.


Craig Browne