Letter to the Editor: Response to Kathy Wickman


I thank you for taking the time to listen to both Sheriff candidates on their radio interview. I wanted to try to clarify a few things for you.

Many of the employees have indeed gone to their supervisors regarding personnel issues. We must follow a chain of command. Some of those issues were addressed however many concerns that have been brought to the current administration have fallen on deaf ears. An open door policy is only good if your ears are open as well.

Some issues have also been brought to HR and are pending an investigation. We also have some employee lawsuits pending. Many issues are brought to the association and then forwarded on to lawyers and all of those channels are in fact being used.

With all that said many issues remain. For the employees that have dared to speak up we have been hit with threats of lawyers and many in the public criticizing us simply because we have differing opinions. Let it be known it is never easy to speak up against your superiors. It is even harder when you have such close relationships like you do in law enforcement. Unfortunately the sheriff has allowed an open season on some of us rather than taking some type of accountability. Dwight Cline was in fact asked to come back at the plea of many employees who are tired of seeing the sinking ship continue to go down.


I wish there were no such thing as retaliation but there is especially in a small department like ours. Silent treatments, dirty looks and as mentioned above getting lawyers involved have been the reality of the last couple months. Many aren’t willing to risk it and will not speak out and are therefore reaching out to others to speak on their behalf including parents and spouses.

When all is said and done hopefully everyone can shake hands and move forward. Hopefully some of the issues will be addressed and employee trust and morale will go up. For now many of us support Dwight Cline and we ask you do so as well.

Cassie Lavley
Quincy, Ca