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Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Cline

Thank you for replying to my letter, and I regret my error regarding your job title and supervisory experience. I should have been more diligent in my research. I have checked your website, and remain in the dark about a few questions. Please understand I did not write my letter as a Todd Johns supporter, and remain open to voting for either candidate. While I did endorse Sheriff Johns in my letter, it was because you haven’t given a reason why you would be better, in my opinion.

As a voter, I would like to know the following:

-Who recruited you to run for Sheriff?

-How many years were you a supervisor?

-How is Sheriff Johns “in over his head” as you stated? Please understand that I am not privy to the inside baseball of the department. I have been impressed with the Sheriff’s Department under Sheriff Johns and Sheriff Hagwood, and need a good reason to vote for a change.

-Is it possible that being the elected Sheriff is more difficult than you think? The Sheriff is accountable to the public (elections, for example) in a way you haven’t been before, correct? Should Mr. Johns be given any credit for his leadership during Covid-19 and two major wildfires, in your opinion?

-Have you polled department members? Unless you have, claiming that you have the support of the majority of them is not true. On what do you base this? I have read at least two letters in this paper from people who claim to have worked with both of you, and both support Sheriff Johns. One, from Terry Bergstrand, makes the same points I made regarding your lack of experience for the job:

Letter to the Editor: As a former sheriff, I support Todd Johns

Even your supporters are clueless how you will accomplish your goals. Here’s Jennie Mathews:

“I’m excited to hear about Dwight’s ideas for recruitment and I expect to see him implement these ideas if elected.” She seems to have gotten the memo from your campaign when she claims (like you, with no evidence) that the majority of the department supports you and would be speaking out except they worry about “possible retaliation.”

Accusing me of “spreading false information” about you and questioning my credibility is out of line. I made a mistake, and admit to it, but my larger points remain unchallenged. You have not explained why Sheriff Johns is unqualified, other than by insinuation. You haven’t said who recruited you to run for Sheriff (at least as far as I can find-please forgive me if I have missed it), and other than vague promises to improve morale and recruitment, you haven’t said what you would do specifically to accomplish those goals. If you want my vote, you should be more forthcoming, and attacking me doesn’t help.

Paul Cavanaugh


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