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Letter to the Editor: Response to pseudoscience claim

In response to Robert Milne of Clio’s claim that virology is a pseudoscience, I encourage readers to do some research. Dr. Stefan Lanka, the German biologist cited by Mr. Milne, recently offered a 100,000 Euro ($105,000) reward for anyone who could prove that measles is a virus. Lanka claims measles is a psychosomatic illness caused by traumatic separations. When someone claimed the reward, Lanka refused to pay, and a German court has ordered him to pay up.

This may seem like an unimportant debate, except that in Berlin there were nearly 800 cases of measles from October 2021 until March 2022, and anti-vaccination misinformation is being blamed for the rise in cases.

Mr. Milne claims that virology has been discredited, when the opposite is true. The scientist he cites seems to be a quack. Please do your own reading, and take claims of those like Mr. Milne with a grain of salt.


Paul Cavanaugh


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