Letter to the Editor: Safe place needed

Viewing the picture and reading the article on “Eastern Plumas resident wants sign removed” I can agree with the individual stating what happened at the Capital Jan. 6 was sickening. The assault inside the Capital I would bet were ANTIFA and/or BLM thugs. Including spinless politicians, regardless of party not wanting to investigate the mass voter fraud, rolling over and certifying the Electoral College vote. Are we now a Banana State? I can go on but let’s get back to the article.

While I personally feel our Constitution is under assault, the First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition! Clearly the individual of complaint doesn’t understand our First Amendment Right and the Freedom of expression especially on one’s private property. I stand in arms with the Engel’s knowing this election was stolen and there will be consequences at some future date. In the meantime, I stand firm in the resolve that conforming to an individual offended feelings subverts our individual freedoms.

In addition, and with respect to the Plumas News posting this article… I am saddened that these types of article are posted as newsworthy by our local news source. Perhaps you could have included a location for a safe place for the individual who complained? Maybe next time then. Oh, and by the way Editor, I’m not hiding behind “anonymous”!

Jim Judd

Clio, CA