Letter to the Editor: Selfish unvaccinated people are clogging hospitals; costing others their lives

Recently an Armed Forces Veteran showed up at an ER in this country with an infected gallbladder—a problem that requires urgent antibiotics and surgery which can then be life saving.

The ER was overloaded with Unvaccinated patients seeking care for Covid as their lives were fading…

This Veteran had to wait and because of the overload of Unvaccinated patients, he died. A totally preventable and unnecessary death in someone who had served his country—all because the Unvaccinated choose their selfish “Freedom” over the responsibility of thinking of others and the health of the public.


We are incredibly fortunate to have a life preserver being thrown to us — a safe and effective vaccine against the cursed Covid…..where are your brains, people ?



Christopher Stanton MD