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Letter to the Editor: Seneca Hospital bond measure

THANK YOU Shawn Mckenzie & Tom McGowen for the wonderfully interesting,
informative, fun & inspiring presentation of the plans for the NEW Seneca Hospital
& the Bond measure needed to build it.  The setting on Aug. 30th was perfect in the
Dewitt’s spectacular garden.  The discussion & questions covered a range of topics.
What they told us:
1.  The new hospital will be state-of-the-art medically, high tech equipment/broadband,
a helo pad in back for fastest transport in & out.
2.  It will be the first ‘pod construction’ hospital in the nation.  Each room built off-site &
delivered complete for greatly reduced construction time.
3.  The Bond tax will only affect home/property owners in the Chester/Lake Almanor Basin
according to the current assessed value.  BUT the hospital will serve all surrounding areas
AND not a penny of the tax will go into the County coffers!

There’s so much more to learn, so PLEASE come the next events during September & October.
And PLEASE commit to voting YES on the measure that will provide live-saving health care to
future residents!

Carol Morgenroth

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