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Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Johns is the logical choice

In 39 years of county service I worked with every sheriff since 1981. I can tell you that there is nobody more qualified for this job than Todd Johns. His honesty, integrity and commitment to community are unmatched. In his two plus years as sheriff, faced with a global pandemic and the incredibly destructive Dixie fire he has responded with a combination of caring and professionalism that cannot be taught or faked.

Sheriff Johns is endorsed by former sheriffs Don Stoy and Terry Bergstrand, along with longtime sheriff staff like Rod DeCorona and Michael Beatley, all men we know and trust. Mr. Cline has been endorsed by former sheriff and current county supervisor Hagwood. This should tell you more about Supervisor Hagwood than it does about Sheriff Johns. If, as he says, Supervisor Hagwood has received complaints from current sheriff staff, it is his responsibility to immediately discuss these with the Sheriff, not cover them up to be used downline for political shenanigans.

Whether it’s leading the Veteran’s Day parade, or cutting the ribbon for a reopening business, Tani and I are used to seeing Todd at any community project or event we are involved in. One morning last month we were volunteering with Team Rubicon, rescuing historic bricks in downtown Greenville and there, unannounced was Sheriff Johns. You cannot fake that kind of commitment by just sponsoring a Little League team.

Abraham Lincoln said “Don’t swap horses in the middle of the stream,” and nowhere is this more true than in the race for Plumas County Sheriff. With no county auditor or county administrator and a 25 million dollar jail project in the works we need both Todd’s insight and his oversight. In addition to the jail project and numerous recovery projects working with state and federal agencies Todd has gotten approval to use ARPA funding to replace the computer automation system in use by the sheriff’s office since 2006. We need to let Todd finish what he has started.

Don’t be fooled, there is only one logical and local choice in this race. Please join us in voting Todd Johns for Plumas County Sheriff.

Dave & Tani Preston



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