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Letter to the Editor: Shocked at county’s lack of response

I am shocked and more than annoyed that the Plumas County Board of Supervisors will not allow virtual ( such as Zoom,etc.) access and participation from the public to their meetings.

Especially in this ever changing time of Covid virus mutations, it is imperative that healthy and safe public input be instituted. Indoor air has been shown to be a much more dangerous environment for Covid transmission.

Recently we attended a very successful and well run Zoom meeting with the Portola City Council about the proposed aggregate mine, asphalt plant and lime kiln. All points of view– pro and con–were heard. If the much smaller budget of Portola allows this access, why can’t the County ?

I call on the Board of Supervisors to enter the 21st Century and open safe, virtual, and distant input to their meetings. An email access that may or may not be read at the Board of Supervisors meeting is inadequate.

Or maybe the Board of Supervisors doesn’t care to hear from their public ?

Christopher Stanton MD


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