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Letter to the Editor: Show me the fish, please

For as long as I can remember, I have known people who believed in secrets that defied critical thinking, logic, and facts.

A recent example is the one that purported that the coronavirus is a hoax. This was amplified by none other than our president. Our president, one of the most protected people on the planet, decided to not wear a mask. He denigrated mask wearing publicly until he, one of the most protected men in the world, contracted the hoax, as did many thousands who followed his theory of this being a hoax.

To amplify unproven accusations is an American right of course.  Free speech is baked into our very way of life. There was a widespread belief that the recent election was unfair, court cases were brought and all were dismissed because of a lack of evidence.  Evidence is a fundamental part of our judicial system. Evidence must be provided by both sides in a dispute.  Seventy plus times cases were presented that the election was rigged, and all were dismissed by judges, both Democrats and Republicans, for lack of evidence.  Soon, the theory began that this was all a Deep State conspiracy.  Again, these calls of Deep State conspiracy were amplified and again the amplifications were done without any proof.

The election shenanigans continue while millions of Americans are in an epidemic, unemployed, and hungry. Millions can’t pay their rent, and millions are facing eviction.  These unfortunate and inconvenient facts have taken second place to election misinformation perpetuated by ignorance and arrogance.

America at its inception chose not to have an authoritarian government, but rather America chose a president to be elected by the people, in a fair and secure election.

I believe in our court system, and I believe the election was fair and secure, especially since I have seen no evidence to the contrary.

Or as my fishing buddies say, don’t tell me you can catch fish, show me the fish.

Peter Skeels

Lake Almanor

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