Letter to the editor: Sign saga

What fantastic entertainment and social commentary! In case you missed it, the Portola Rotary has posted a very visible marquee sign that reads “If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they’d eventually find me attractive”. Upon reading the original letter about how this sign is unconstructive for our youth in Plumas County and the many replies, I decided to take a look at the Portola Rotary website. I found that the co-presidents are women – ironic given the context of the sign. I also read some diction on the website that I also found to be ironic: “Welcome to the Rotary of Portola. We are neighbors and friends who unite with other leaders to share ideas, solve problems, and take action to create lasting change locally and globally. As Rotarians, we believe that worldwide fellowship and international peace can be achieved when people unite under the banner of “Service Above Self”. This statement defines what the Portola Rotary does and how they aim to accomplish their mission. The portion I find to be most ironic under the context of the sign is the portion that reads “take action to create lasting change locally and globally”. Feminist and social issues aside, it is important for public organizations to examine how they present themselves to the community. If an organization claims to take action under the banner of “Service Above Self” with goals of lasting, positive change, then appropriate jokes (try a pun!) suit the organization’s mission much more effectively.

All good lessons in choosing your words carefully to best serve your organization’s supposed goals.

Beth Rouse