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Letter to the Editor: So long LaMalfa; let’s elect Dr. Jones

Plumas County now joins Congressional District 3 (CA-3), saying so-long to CA-1 and Doug LaMalfa’s tenure of ghost “representation.” I guess that’s one way to get rid of Doug. Now someone else can deal with his empty shirt style.

This year we get to pick a real representative to carry our issues to Washington. I’m liking what I see from Dr. Kermit Jones. He’s young (45), a Navy vet (flight surgeon), physician, and lawyer. The guy is smart, but that’s not the best part. He actually has his eye on the needs of our rural district.

Dr. Jones is focused on healthcare costs and access. He also emphasizes the sorry state of the forest lands we live in. Dr. Kermit plans on pushing for micro-grids (bye bye PG&E fires), biomass energy, and forestry reforms.

We need competent leadership focused on real issues, not Q-Anon baloney or a new civil war. It’s time to get real and get real leaders in congress. I’m liking Dr. Kermit Jones a lot.

Klay Lund


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