Letter to the Editor: So much for the children …

It appears to me that the ending of Roe v Wade which returns the United States to the stone age and prevents abortions in many states has omitted one of the perpetrators.  You know, the fellar.  The guy, that in many cases over enthusiastically took advantage of a woman and impregnated her.  Now, does he have any responsibility in this whole thing?  I kinda think he does and it’s pretty easy to prove who that guy is.  Don’t we Americans want accountability for one’s bad behavior?

But that’s not the point.  The point is control of women.  Us fellars like to control things… especially women.  I think that’s one reason we keep guns.  But then there’s another reason that conservatives are not really prolife:  once that baby arrives they could give a rats behind about that child.  The Republicans have for years been opposed to any program that helps families survive and raise healthy children.  We liberals want healthy families and children.

Now further evidence was given to us today as the supreme court put an end to the Federal Government ability to control CO2 emissions.  I believe we are currently beyond the point of recovery so it may make no difference.  Green house gasses are going to render your happy home uninhabitable.  We gotta start fixing this and the loonies on the court just made that impossible.  So much fer the children.

Don McKechnie

Sierraville. CA