Letter to the Editor: Supervisor responds to calls for meeting changes

For those not on Facebook I will offer these thoughts on the issue of public access to the actions of your governing bodies. The ability of citizens to access, communicate and participate is essential to an informed electorate. It is the responsibility of those elected to create the atmosphere and platforms where the exchange of ideas, the voicing of grievances or support can occur in a timely manner.

While the county may have satisfied a minimum legal obligation, in my estimation, this should not be looked upon as a satisfactory performance goal. Constant improvement, utilizing available technology needs to be the standard. This becomes especially important during the challenging, and sometimes frightening times we are all struggling through. Credibility and trust can be earned by demonstrating a commitment to that which I have addressed above. A failure to do so provides an atmosphere of suspicion, frustration and loss of credibility.

Are there logistical challenges to creating this platform? Perhaps there are, but examples exist in our own county that demonstrate it can be accomplished. If others can do it – so can we.

Greg Hagwood

District 4 Supervisor