Letter to the Editor: Supervisors must protect us from radiation

It is very important that the Supervisors represent the people of Plumas County’s wishes in the face of gargantuan transnational corporations, such as Verizon.  These corporations have captured government, media, and many aspects of our lives.  They write laws revoking local control over issues that might harm their profits, thus frightening local officials into representing corporate wishes over their constituents’.  These federal laws give local officials cover in saying that they have no control over whether or not to issue certain types of permits.  This letter refers to cell towers in particular.
    This issue has been rearing its head again in our county, and now an East Quincy tower is recently permitted, with one by the Portola hospital in the works.  Our supervisors need to hear from everyone that we demand the right to decide whether or not we want cell towers.  An August 2021 court decision FINALLY is requiring the FCC to update its definition of wireless safety based on recent data, not 26 year-old data that basically say “everything is just fine, no harm here.”  Our supervisors have the power, invested by the people, to revoke these permits based on new evidence.
    The supes need to hear from us. We want a healthy environment, no more radiation pollution that is scientifically proven to have harmful effects.  They need to revoke all permits located in populated areas, at least until the FCC considers more recent data on the effects of wireless radiation.
Leslie Mink