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Letter to the Editor: Take into account the lost property tax

Just a little suggestion for our board of supervisors: I just read the article concerning the large amount of funding scheduled for Plumas County, and the issue of what the spending plan will contain in the final analysis. I just want to mention, again, that Greenville had a lot of older homes, well taken care of, and highly prized and cared for, by the owners, and taxed accordingly; not to mention all of the main street businesses most of which are gone, especially along the center of town, and stretching out to the surrounding areas in all directions. The difference in Assessed Valuation is going to be great, no doubt about it, and will show in the coming tax period. I sincerely hope that the board will take that into account as they allocate those expected funding sources for the upcoming year. This change is going to effect every county department budget to some degree and should definitely be a subject for the upcoming budget considerations.

Nansi Bohne


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