Letter to the Editor: Tax receipts


Do we understand what tax receipts are? Government spending has nothing to do with tax receipts. Tax receipts are received from earnings of people, companies, and corporations. Also, anyone who thinks that Biden’s policies have caused record inflation doesn’t understand what is actually going on. Inflation is worldwide and Biden isn’t President of the world. In fact, our economy has reacted to this crisis better than most of the economies of the world. Please don’t be so simple minded as to think: 1) inflation is happening, 2) Biden is President, and 3) therefore it is Biden’s policies that are causing inflation. It’s much more complex than that. Democracies depend on informed voters to survive. The Republican party of today has devolved into an autocratic party, basically a Trump cult. In this next election Democracy is on the line, it’s as simple as that, and Republicans are not for Democracy they are for the minority ruling the majority. Democracy means far more to me than the cost of gas.

Dan Hopkins