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Letter to the Editor: Taxes

Wow, this is the fastest year ever, for me.  May rolled around and now it’s mid-September. But that’s another subject.

The poor Republicans have their undies in a knot.  President Biden just passed a bill that would increase the IRS agents numbers by thousands.  Of course this is to make up for the billions of dollars congress has underbudgeted the IRS for years.  You know they’re the only agency that makes real money.  That is important for our government, the military, roads, schools, public health, safe keeping of classified documents, etc.

I understand these new agents will go after high income earners, especially those that have been cheating the rest of us and dodging the tax man for years.  These are the same people that have their lawyers and lobbyists rig the tax code in their favor since Ronald Reagan drastically reduced the highest tax rate from 92% to 50%.  Now it is 37%.  Those lawyers and lobbyist earned every penny of their fees.  No wonder we have a gazillion dollar debt.

If you haven’t fallen asleep yet perhaps you can provide us with your take on what Donald Trump was doing with top secret documents in his home.  This is not the first time the Republicans have done this; do you remember Scooter Libby?  So anyway, was Trump going to sell them to North Korea, Iran, Russia?  American human assets are at stake here.  Those documents are worth millions to those rogue countries.  No wonder Trump is upset with the FBI.

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, Sparks, Earth

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