Letter to the Editor: Tell me what I got wrong

How do you think Hitler and the Nazis were able to persuade decent Germans into committing so many heinous atrocities? It’s called propaganda or brainwashing. It’s the lie. It’s the big lie told over and over again. That’s why advertising works. It’s a means to sell someone into buying or believing what someone wants you to believe.

If I happen to be driving to Reno or wherever, I sometimes turn on the Reno right wing hate radio station and this freak Hannity is speaking. I can only stand about 10 minutes of him before all the lies just become ridiculous and I have to turn it off. But then I read a Letter from Trustee Saxton, for example, and he writes every lie that Hannity spoke of. This applies to many Letters here. You see, propaganda works.

Here is the secret that the republican leadership doesn’t want their ‘base’ to know. The multi-billionaires hire multi-millionaires to brainwash their voters into believing absolutely false claims. And while they are brainwashing you, they are stealing the US Treasury and funneling all the wealth to them. What have Republicans ever have done for the 99%. The answer – NOTHING.

The writer who said I wrote ‘absolutely NO actual facts’ is another typical victim of right wing propaganda. I remember reading a Letter from this same person stating that VP Harris “[has] been completely anti-Police, including advocating defunding.” Of course this is not true. No Democrat ever said they want to defund the police –it doesn’t even make sense. Sure, maybe one or two crazed citizens said that while being beaten by the police, but it doesn’t represent the views of any normal thinking person. All you have to do is fact check that statement. People do know how to fact check – right?I, for one, strive for 100% truth in every aspect of life. If I wrote something that is incorrect, I want to be informed of the truth. It is impossible to make good decisions without the facts and the truth. And this is the way I am.


So, Mr. Browne, tell me what I got wrong, but please, prove your statements. I don’t expect an answer because to the best of my knowledge nothing I wrote is untrue. And, actually, I do not watch the news on TV or cable at all. I read multiple newspapers and other sources to ensure I know the facts. I read the actual documents cited in news sources to verify the facts.

The reality is that 99% of all Americans want the same thing and that is just a healthy prosperous fulfilling life. We are not enemies – remember that. Try thinking what the propagandists are taking from you. And turn off Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, and all the other want-to-be Goebbels.

Mark Mihevc