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Letter to the Editor: Thank you law enforcement, school staff for your response at CRC

Hi my name is Jess Engel, And I’m writing this letter to Say Thank You to all the personnel.. Plumas county Sheriff’s, California Highway Patrol, Sierra County Sheriff’s and Probation, District Attorney Hollister, all the Investigating Officers, First Responders, and EMT personnel.. for your professional help and quick response to the incident that occurred at the C Roy Carmichael elementary school.

I would also like to thank Ms. Leal the principal and all the teachers and staff for putting your life on the line to keep our children safe during this. I know a lot of you and to be in a different room wile your own kids are not with you is horrific. I can’t say thank you enough!

This is something you know could and is happening all over the country. But it is the last thing you would ever think could happen in our small community. I am so grateful that we have the support of local agencies and resources that we do. We should all be thankful that our kids are safe and at home and that we could have a meeting afterwards to express our comments and concerns. And not having to pick out a casket for our loved ones!!

I got a text at approximately 8:15 about the lockdown. My wife of 11 years works up there and we have two kids at CRC and one at the High School. I was working leaving Truckee and almost to Reno when the text came through. My Heart stopped! I tried texting and got one response back 10 minutes later that she was locked in one of the offices with kids and our kids were hiding somewhere. Not knowing where or if your children are safe in a time like this has been the worst experience in anyone’s life! And like so many other parents and the situations we have seen happening all over your mind goes crazy! At that moment I prayed not only for my children but everyone involved in the incident.. 10 minutes felt like 10 days, seconds felt like hours… at about 2 p.m. I got a text that her and the kids were at home and safe.. that has to be about the best text I have ever received in my life!

This has impacted a lot of families and children. But we all are becoming stronger and I hope this gives us as parents a chance to sit down and talk as a family to our children about some of the dangers we face in these tough times. I would again like to Thank EVERYONE that Kept our kids safe!

Jess Engel

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