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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Plumas News

Tis’ the season of giving thanks and being grateful. So I just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU to you and your entire staff for all you do to keep our communities informed. I always look forward to receiving your community updates, your features of our local heroes and the good news stories you share in addition to the other important news of the day. The post about Travis Sutton being awarded the Medal of Valor for his efforts was especially great news. So well earned and deserved and in addition to saving the woman in the car, he rescued the dogs and went back to locate the one injured and saved it’s life too. Truly a heroic effort on many levels and gives me incredible pride that our world is truly full of more good humans than bad and we are blessed to live in a community of incredibly good people who’s stories need to be shared more often. Keep spreading the good news and again, much respect and appreciation for the great work you do! May you, and all your readers, enjoy all the blessings of the holiday season!

The Skupic’s


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