Letter to the Editor: Thank you Sheriff Johns

One fire victim choosing to live in the forest, in a tent, becomes many more, but thank goodness, it’s mostly, hearsay. I just read Sheriff Johns’ statement on what is really happening, and I must say, it’s a far cry from the rumors. Considering the level of destruction, the fact that only a few folks turned up at the Elementary school, speaks for itself now. The accommodations are there; if anyone is living in the forest, in a tent, it’s their choice.

What is really happening is, all is not well, not at all, but Greenville folks,with the available help of many outsiders, are already making a difference, hour by hour, and, day by day. I was a Greenville resident for 60+ years, this whole issue is heartbreaking for me, but good things are happening as well, Thank you Sheriff Johns for some information relief.

Nansi Wattenburg Bohne