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Letter to the editor: The brick brought bad karma

I want to thank Plumasnews.com and Meg Upton for her very informative Greenville Rising post which discussed the problems of looting and theft in Greenville.  Many thanks to you both for this excellent bit of reporting.

I have had 3 American flags stolen from my property in Downtown Greenville.  The last 2 were screwed and wired in place to prevent theft, but I guess someone really wanted these as a souvenir.  I can only imagine what other fire-scarred items were removed from my properties by looters.

Back in November, on a day when I was still sorting through my properties in hope of finding some treasured momento or a possibly useful tool, a woman pulled up in her car, and walked to me holding a brick.  She explained that she had taken this brick as a souvenir from a downtown Greenville property two weeks before, and placed this brick on the mantle of her fireplace.  A few days later, there was a chimney fire which almost burned her house down.  This near disaster helped her to realize the “bad karma” which she had brought into her home. She asked where she should return the brick to “remove the curse” ?
I responded with another question…. ” if you went to a graveyard and removed flowers from a fresh grave to display on your kitchen table, but woke up the next morning with food poisoning, what would you do with the flowers?”
The woman looked bewildered as she got back in her car to search for a suitable location to dispose of this brick amid the ruins of downtowm Greenville.
Ken Donnell
Quincy/formerly of Greenville

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