Letter to the Editor: The DA left out one important person


Amid the well-deserved “thank yous” passed on by our District Attorney, David Hollister, he left out one very important one:  Himself.  As a former Department Head, myself, I’ve been around long enough to have worked with a number of District Attorneys, most very capable and good at what they did.  Dave, however, is special.  He’s personal and approachable.  He certainly cares about our community and about making Plumas County a safe and enjoyable place to live, recreate and work.  I’ve personally seen Dave interact with community-based interest groups.  None is too small or perceived as less significant to not enjoy Dave’s presence when his busy schedule allows it.  And, his commitment shows in his continued tenure and in his recruitment and selection of a staff that reflects our community’s values.  Kudos Dave.
Elliott Smart