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Letter to the Editor: The FRC baseball training building

The real issue and why the FRC Board of Trustee’s at FRC, want to censure me.

The President of the college Kevin Trutna, along with knowledge of Bill Elliott and Jon Sheehan, clandestinely, misappropriated (removed) roughly $27,000 in donated “private” money from a “Restricted” athletic account. Kevin Trutna, then purchased a steel building (labeled a “storage building” on the purchase order) which can NEVER be built on the FRC state campus, for student use.

It was intended (by the President of FRC) to be an indoor batting and pitching facility. The “transfer” of PRIVATELY DONATED money (by the college President) to the “Private” FRC Foundation, should never have occurred without a vote of the Board of Trustees, (BOT). The donated money was REMOVED from a “Restricted” college athletic account and given to the Foundation, to buy the steel building. The private Foundation, could build the building on their adjoining property, but the College could not. The Division of State Architecture, (DSA) will not allow students in a steel building for practicing purposes on state property.

The President wanted to avoid the DSA. He wanted to build the building “In-house” on state college grounds, without DSA oversight or knowledge. This new training facility would allow our students to train indoors during bad weather. When he realized he couldn’t build the building on FRC state soil, he went ahead with the purchase of the building anyway using the “private” FRC Foundation as the purchaser. He had the help of the FRC Foundation members Jon Sheehan and Bill Elliott; they are members of BOTH the FRC Board of Trustees and the FRC Foundation. Sadly, the donated money is gone, there is a pile of steel on campus…, and no one seems to care, do you?

There have been so many violations of our Board Policies with the purchase of this building and the loss of the donated monies, it is a cover up; I want the President held accountable. I want Trustees Sheehan and Elliott held accountable for the loss and misuse of PUBLIC funds. The Baseball coach worked for 8 years collecting this money for an indoor batting and pitching building, now that dream is gone.

I want the $27,000 repaid to the college for their negligence and malfeasance. In addition, FRC Board of Trustee members should NOT be able to sit on “Both” the FRC Foundation Board and as FRC Trustees. The President of the College, Kevin Trutna, (also a member of the private Foundation) should NOT be able to transfer public monies from a State college to the FRC Foundation, without a Trustee vote. I have all the proof to back up this story, Emails, witnesses, documents, DSA reports, etc. I want to make this clear…I am NOT suing the college, I am suing the Trustees individually, for violating my First Amendment rights. I personally want nothing but their public apology for trying to censure me over issues that are “political” and do not fall under their jurisdiction as Trustees.

Dr. Trent Saxton, Trustee
District 1

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